Mondoplastico S.p.A. announces the acquisition of 80% of the capital share of Caltek S.r.l.

Mondoplastico S.p.A. has completed the acquisition of 80% of the shares of the company Caltek S.r.l. di Chignolo Po (Pavia), a company active in the production and sale of PVC and PET films.

Caltek has a long history that has allowed it to become accredited as a reliable supplier of quality films, intended for packaging and upholstery for furniture. Caltek is a specialist in the production of shrink films, longitudinally or transversally oriented, aimed at both the bottle closure capsules and the sleeve labels market.

Mondoplastico, a company based in Busto Arsizio founded in 1949, is one of the market leaders in PVC calendering. The company operates in three plants: Busto Arsizio (Varese) and Ferentino (Frosinone) for production and sales, as well as Marnate (Varese) for storage and logistics.
To date, Mondoplastico’s employees number 180 and in 2015 the company registered a turnover of over 72 million euros.

Mondoplastico and Caltek will undertake development plans to achieve group turnover of more than 100 million euros and employ more than 230 direct employees.

In this transaction, Mondoplastico was assisted for the legal aspects by the Studio Greco Vitali Associati of Milan.



Mondoplastico group research never stops.

I every day life we use credit cards, we unbox brand new products, we store food in our kitchens or we protect precious photo books, these are Mondoplastico’s customers. Mondoplastico Group market leader offers a variety of high quality products.

The Mondoplastico team is specialised and constantly trained to obtain the best possible product.

Likewise we are constantly testing new materials consequently to make our products more environmentally friendly. Efficient and ready for certification who have yet to enter into force.

Our products are formulated to be ready today to future certifications. This means that our customers can take advantage of supplies on the cutting-edge, high value technical and qualitative.

Mondoplastico is able to produce films according to the customer’s wishes, furthermore.

The Mondoplastico Group production is distributed in 3 different factories, to satisfy all the production needs of all our customers.
Thanks to a wide range of products and thanks to a continuous cycle production, our company has the opportunity to offer PVC and PET films at favourable prices.

Finally, Mondoplastico employs a sales support team able to solve installation problems ensuring your maximum production, as well as offering our customers unparalleled service and experience.

Recycling processes

The PVC film produced by Mondoplastico S.p.A. it can be easily re-granulated for recycling processes.

#Mondoplasticois proud to be a #VinilPlus member. The recycling of the material is basically possible considering the further processing done by our customers.

It is always recommended a separate collection of PVC film, so as to facilitate management. Anyway, it must be incinerated in a suitable incineration plant authorised by the competent authorities. If it is not possible incineration can be disposed of in landfill according to local regulations.

Look at Mondoplastico Certifications in this LINK


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